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Updated: Jan 1

I have been going to various yoga studios around where I live in order to take advantage of the trial week offers that they have. All the classes were taught in English. Majority of them I had to book online beforehand since some classes fill up quickly (depending on the size of the studio). Here are my reviews of the studios:

Yoga Delight

What a delight it is, they give you free INFUSED water and tea along with providing mats. There are a variety of classes which is nice. Really a gorgeous studio.

Studio 191

They also provide the mats and give tea/ water but their classes aren’t typical yoga ones. They have more of barre and variations with music but it’s also really nice.


Mats are included and there is free water but there is no free tea since there is a cafe downstairs that sells that stuff. I like the variety of classes and they have three rooms so I rarely have an issue with a class being fully booked.

Equal Yoga

This is a hot yoga studio and it’s beautiful. They don’t have tea but there are mats available. You need towel since you get sweaty quickly since it’s hot yoga but you can buy one there (25 euros) or rent per class for 2 euros. I bought mine at Decathlon because I am cheap. Nice variety of classes and great facilities.

Bikram Yoga

This is the only studio that I have been to that I don’t like. Imagine. I paid 12 euros for a trial week and only went twice. Twice! They have free water but no mats, towel or tea so you need to bring your own. There is a nice outdoor area where you can sit but this hardly makes up for the class. Since it’s Bikram, you only have one class where they do the same routine each time which I find boring. Also, I was told when I could drink water and was almost scolded for drinking some when I shouldn’t. Same goes for shavasana when I told not to close my eyes, which I don’t care for. They also really push you and don’t say anything about going into child’s pose or leaving the room if you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, the teachers don’t actually participate they just stand on a box giving orders in Dutch and English, which irritates me (the not participating part not the language part).

Wine Yoga

There is a company called Find Your Fit that does these fun, expat, healthy group activities. I did a wine yoga evening, which was unreal. So much fun. You bring your own mat and they provide the wine. It is taught in English by an American yoga instructor. Proper good and challenging (there were planks!). I also did Trampoline Dodge Ball with them.

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