Taming the Wild Tassie

Updated: Jan 3

Cruising around in a Suzuki Swift pumping the Pussycat Dolls is the only way to enjoy the wonder that Tasmania has to offer. Costly tours will show you the highlights but a rental car gives you the glorious freedom to be cheap. Here is a poem.

The tourist center heeded warnings, that Tassie in seven days can not be done. With a questionable look given to my friend, I chuckled, this should be fun.

We headed out on the road, then realized we were driving on the wrong side. After swerving and swearing we weren’t going to let it break our stride.

With snow at Cradle Mountain, it made camping not so bright. So we continued on to Strahan, where hippies found us a free tent site.

A full couple days brought us through Bay of Fires and Bicheno To the woman at the info center, really, what does she know?

Down to Port Arthur to visit some devils and roos This was one challenge we weren’t going to lose.

Rolling into Hobart Airport on the sixth morning’s sunrise We most definitely won the non-challenge in my eyes.

The people of Tasmania are quite possibly the nicest bunch I’ve ever met. The woman at the info center was lovely she simply underestimated our Canadian ability to drive crazy long hours. So you may need more days if you don’t want a driving extensive trip.

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