Oprah’s Favorite Things

Updated: Jan 3

So this list isn’t Oprah endorsed BUT I am sure it would be if she knew about it.

Unbelievably Stunning Sunset: Oia- Santorini,

Most Delectable Peach: Osoyoos– British Columbia

Flakiest Croissant: Jackman & McRoss Bakery- Hobart, Tasmania

Highest Concentration of Genuinely Nice People: Queenstown and Hobart- Tasmania & Mildura, Australia

Liveliest Music: Donegal- Ireland

Craziest Night Out: Ruin Pubs– Budapest, Hungary

You Don’t Care About Your Waist Size: Autumn Festival- Prague, Czech Republic

Huddle Up With the Finest Hot Chocolate:  Waves– multiple establishments throughout Canada

Star Gaze Until Your Neck Hurts: Crescent Head- Australia

Judgment Is Thrown Out the Window: Byron Bay– Australia

Better Than the Paid Alternative: The tulip fields of Groet- Netherlands (beats the Keukenhof)

Purest Drinking Water: Reykjavík– Iceland

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