Milky Way Wrong

Updated: Jan 3

American child actors. I didn’t know that was a thing until I met one in Spilt, Croatia who happened to star in some chocolate bar commercial… That Milky Way led him straight into a cocaine habit. Apparently, that one commercial year's ago made him enough money to travel around Europe for some time while enjoying his nasal dessert.

Now, I love advice from other travellers. The hostel recommendations, the local tidbits- all glorious. Our bestie of 2 days, Monsieur Powdered Sugar, has been my one exception.

My friends and I were planning on leaving for Budapest by train by way of Zagreb. Luckily, our good pal milk nose was well versed in the train time tables of Zagreb to Budapest despite the fact he had never been on that journey. He told us the last train left at 12:20 am. Perfect! We rejoiced. We set to leave Split and arrive 30 minutes before departure. Which saved us on a hostel night. Yes, I am aware there is a thing called the Internet. No, we didn’t bother to look it up. He was a child actor, okay? You don’t question child actors.

So we arrive at the station in total 11:30 pm darkness. We are tired. Disoriented and completely lost. Now what I am about to tell you is the most unfrugal thing a person can do and I am not proud of it. We took a TAXI to the train station from where the bus dropped us off. I still recall my tight grip on the money as the driver pried it out of my hands. No matter, we were saving on the hostel night. We arrived at the station a little lighter than before the taxi ride. Personally, I would have preferred to lose the pounds walking… No matter, we were saving on the hostel night. We rock up to the ticket booth to this classic Croatian woman behind a desk.

“Three tickets to Budapest please”

Croatian woman “6:15 am” “Hmmm? What was that?” Croatian woman “Next train. 6:15 am” So that hostel we need to book… After finding the nearest accommodation which turned out to be a hotel (that’s a hostel with the “s” for savings taken out) and after an aggressive fight to put the fitted shit cover on the bed, we finally went to sleep at around 1:20 am. That was about an hour after the supposed scheduled train was supposed to leave, supposedly.

And that is why you should never take travel advice from a former child star with a cocaine habit.

Oh! and we had the best morning, four-hour sleep surprise. Turns out, with the light of day as a detective, that expensive cab ride from the night before followed a route to the station which required a massive circling of the entire block when we could have simply walked three minutes from the bus stop to the front entrance of the train station.

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