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Updated: Jan 3

Europe is old. Older than that dried out package of crackers in the back of your cupboard, older than dial-up internet and the Spice Girls, possibly older than the Queen of England. Possibly.

That being said, some of its buildings may not be fully intact, which is completely understandable. I can’t make a Lego house last more than a week without accidentally kicking and destroying it or a gingerbread house lasts longer than a day without eating it. So I am always impressed when I see these beautiful pieces of architecture still standing after all this time. But sometimes I feel like Europe is trying to be sneaky and trick us by renovating things and trying to slyly cover it up. Sometimes they put up ugly scaffolding but other times they put these artistic remodeling cloths over the ruined area. Have you ever seen these? I have taken some snaps just to give you an idea.

One that I particularly adored was around the Trevi Fountain. They basically put a clear protective plastic wall around the whole thing and drained the fountain. BUT you could still toss your coin wishfully into the tiny pond replacement in front with a picture representing the original statue. It was so realistic it’s like I was actually there!

Top Left: I see what you’re doing there Venice, trying to pull a fast one.

Bottom Left: One of these buildings is not like the other one.

Right: Trevi Fountain

Spot the difference below.

Well played Europe, well played.

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