Imagine Me and You

Updated: Jan 3

I talked about it almost daily. It was years since my last but I knew I was ready for another one. I had become a mature twenty three year old woman and I longed for the companionship. For those trips to the supermarket; those late nights after a crazy evening; those messy mornings. I needed my own, to nurture and love unconditionally. What better place to find one than on a barge in the middle of a canal?

After searching for what seemed like hours (32 minutes) and countless places (2), my hope was fading. I couldn’t bear the thought of returning to my humble abode empty-handed. I continued to walk along the dyke. Suddenly, something drew my attention, like the eye of Sauron but sexier. I curiously gawked but my shyness quickly broke the eye contact between us. Innocently, a smile crept along my face as I stared at my feet. I knew at that moment, it was to be mine. Nothing could deter me from owning it; I didn’t care if the size was imperfect or if the parts were faulty. My heart had chosen. Unless the price was outrageous, in which case ill find a different one.

How does this perfect love story end one may ask? Well, my bike and I are blissfully happy if you must know.

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