I Want to Ride my Bicycle I Want to Ride my Bike

Updated: Jan 3

You may have heard that the Netherlands has this thing where they adore bicycles. Not in the charming, they’re practical way but in the sense of if you don’t have one, you’re an idiot. Any other mode of transportation is seen as ridiculous. Are you seriously walking?

Types of bicycles

Bakfiets literally translates to “container bike”: I am not entirely sure who decided to put a box on a bike in the first place but whoever it is, what a superstar.

This thing:

What you can bring on a bike


An entire garden plus groceries.

The Numbers

One person, two bikes.

One bike, three people. (Two kids but still!)

Whatever you choose to do with your bike, as crazy as it may look, you will not be judged. If anything you will be respected.

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