Chlorine Clean

Updated: Jan 3

For those of you who consider “swimming in the ocean” and “shower” synonymous-read on. For those of you who read the previous statement with a scowl and thought “there aren’t actually people who think that way”- stop reading and take your judgmental attitude elsewhere.

After five days of camping your normal tantalizing musk may not be as Febreeze fresh as you would like it. It has reached the point where no amount of saltwater or deodorant can cover the smell that you have now created around you. Unlike Pig Pen, Charlie Brown and the gang will not stay friends with you, you will be disowned.

Now, when even you find yourself unbearable, is the time to act. You have two options if free public showers are unavailable. 1) You can succumb to paying outlandish prices for a night’s accommodation 2) You can have copious amounts of fun and be clean for a minimal cost

That was a test. Option one is not a viable option; it does not exist.

For the one and only option, follow the road signs to the nearest aquatic center. The one in Hobart, Tasmania is lovely. Bring all toiletries, don’t be shy. Razor, shampoo, and soap. You can enjoy the pool facilities, then after your shower, come out smelling like a respectable member of society!

Please note: respect will not miraculously appear when you shower.

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