Two Indonesia Travel Tips

Updated: Jan 8

Bali 2012

You will need proof of an onward plane ticket to enter Bali. Airlines can deny you boarding if this criterion is not met.

Buying a plane ticket at the airport is costly, so make sure to have a return journey reserved.

It’s somewhat frowned upon but if you’re willing to take a risk, you can book a fully refundable flight and then cancel it. Then you are able to book a cheaper flight closer to the day you wish to leave. Please note this can bite you in the ass.

Upon arrival, a 25 USD visa is required which is valid for 30 days. Like other countries, Bali requires an address or name of the place you are staying at Kuta/Legian is where most of the tourists go and it is about 50000- 70000 rupia or 5-7 dollars from the airport by taxi.

When leaving Bali, a 140 000 rupia fee needs to be paid

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